10 Ways To Save Money on Home Expenses
Save money on home expenses
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Inflation is no joke! We know that raising rates makes paying for even simple everyday life more challenging. We’re here to help you save money on all those monthly expenses that may start to get out of hand!

1. Entertainment Costs and Subscriptions

Are you paying for a subscription that you don’t even use? Or are you on the highest plan they offer? It may be time to take a look at those entertainment expenses and try to cut down where you can. Whether that means you cancel the plan altogether or switch to a cheaper plan, the savings will add up!

2. Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

Now, this may cost more upfront, but it will show when those monthly utility bills come in! Maximizing savings with energy-efficient home appliances Energy-efficient appliances use less energy and water than most other appliances. Another opportunity to save when it comes to appliances is opting for a smart thermostat that will adjust your home’s temperature when you're home and away. This idea could rack up savings as we know our HVAC is one of the largest expenses when it comes to electricity. 

3. Solar Panels

Here is a real investment. Solar panels can be pretty pricey up front, but there are often specials and grants for solar panels. Your electricity bill doesn’t just magically fade away; this is a great option to save tons of money on your electric bills in the long run!

4. Refinance

Refinancing your home may sound a bit scary; however, you may be in for a surprise! Rates are based on each individual and home, but worth looking into to see if you qualify for a lower interest rate, mortgage payment or possibly a shorter term length! 

5. Check Your Faucets

Is your water bill more than average, and you know you haven’t been using more water? You may want to check those faucets all around the house to make sure there are no leaks. This also can go for your toilets. Oftentimes the chain will pop off, causing the water to constantly run, which can also cause a spike in that water bill!

6. Shut Off Lights

How often have you walked out of a room and forgotten to flip the switch? Forgetting to turn off the lights or unplug unused items can use a great deal of energy, causing your electricity bills to skyrocket!

7. Shop For New Plans

This can go hand in hand with those entertainment costs, but how often have you signed up for something (such as cable, internet, or cell phone plans) and let your plan auto-renew? When those plans automatically renew themselves, you may have noticed that your rates have increased. Before your plan expires, call the company to see what new deals are available to save you money.

8. DIY What You Can 

It may be time to start watching some videos on how to build, fix, or replace things yourself! Some good DIY ideas to help save energy are weatherstripping doors and windows, caulking around windows, decreasing the temperature on your hot water heater, installing additional attic insulation or fans, or installing that new smart thermostat! 

9. Grow a Garden

Save some money on those grocery bills and grow a garden at home! This can be tons of fun; you can even have the kids join in on it. Not only will having a garden save you money on fruits, veggies, and herbs, but it will also add a great feature to your home and yard! Using foods from your own garden may also influence you to cook more which will also help save you more money. 

10. Sell Your Home

Have you tried just about anything and everything and still can’t seem to comfortably get by? It may be time to sell- AS IS! Feel free to reach out to Flash Realty Solutions to get a cash offer today. We pride ourselves on helping all of our clients in any way possible. Whether that means getting you out of your hefty mortgage, saving you from repairs or renovation, or just needing some information, we are here to help! 

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