The Costs to Relocate for a Job and Sell Your Home
costs to relocate and sell your home
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How Much Will it Cost You to Sell Your House and Relocate for a Job?

The Costs to Relocate & Selling Your Home

If you are selling a home while relocating for a job, you probably have money on your mind. But keep in mind that selling your home comes with costs too. Common costs include 6% agent commissions, paid by the seller.  There are also closing costs, home cleaning, and staging. As well as, any other utility and insurance costs incurred during the listing period. It's a good idea to budget around 9 to 15 percent of your home's total sale price to go towards these fees.

If you're on a tight timeline or just not having a lot of success with potential buyers, you may want to consider selling your home to a cash investor. Flash Realty Solutions an Investor that would purchase your home as-is and for cash. This means, you can close quickly! Moreover, here at Flash, we do not charge a commission and cover the closing costs, meaning the amount we offer is the amount you get less any liens you owe.

The Big Move

Unfortunately, relying on friends and family members to help you move simply isn't feasible. Especially when you're talking about relocating to a whole other town or state. You'll need to develop a game plan for how you're going to move all of your stuff. In general, you have three main options.

These are:

  • renting a truck,
  • getting a container
  • hiring a moving company

Renting A Truck

A truck can be a great way to move all of your items if you're interested in keeping costs to a minimum. With a rental truck, you'll be in charge of loading all of your items and driving the vehicle to your destination. While this method is cheaper than others, it does require a large time investment. A typical truck big enough to move a 3 to 4 bedroom home runs around $1.500- $3,000 depending on the company and how far in advance you are able to book. Factor in gas and insurance to make sure this option is right for you.

Getting A Container

Containers, another one of the costs to relocate, are becoming the new norm for many families who find themselves making a big move. While containers are more expensive than renting a truck, they do offer convenience. You don't have to worry about transportation. However, you may be without your items for a couple of days until the container arrives at your new home. A container rings in at around $4,500.

Hiring A Moving Company

If you're looking for a high level of convenience, moving companies are the way to go. You can expect to pay more for moving companies than other moving options. However, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that all of your items will be safely taken to your new home, and you won't have to be involved in any of the heavy labor. Professional moving companies start at around $10,000 for a full home move.

Ask About Employer Assistance

Many employers know that asking you to relocate for a job is a big burden that comes along with high monetary fees. For this reason, most will offer some form of relocation assistance. This could be a credit towards your moving bill or even enlisting the help of a realtor to sell your house to relocate faster. It's best to ask your employer about any assistance before planning out your move, so you know what is and is not covered in the costs to relocate.

Relocate for a Job and Sell Your House Fast

If you're in a pinch and thinking selling house for job relocation, it's time to contact Flash Realty Solutions. We can easily provide you with a no-obligation free offer and close in as little as seven days.

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