I Need to Sell My House in Another State. What Are My Options?
sell my house in another state options
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I Need to Sell My House in Another State. What are My Options?

How Do I Sell my House in Another State?

Selling your house is a big deal. There is so much to do and so many decisions that need to be made. You'll want to give your house a thorough cleaning, perhaps do some painting and needed repairs and stage it to look its best. You'll also want to contract with an experienced and savvy real estate agent that can help you get the best price. All of these things are easier, of course, if you live in your house and you're preparing to move out of it. 

But what if you've already moved out and taken a lucrative out-of-state job offer? Or what if you've inherited a house or you're dealing with selling a vacant one after a family member has moved into long-term care? 

Selling a vacant house when you don't live nearby has some added built-in challenges.

Where Do I Start?

When you sell a house in another state, you need to do your research. Check out local agencies online and be sure to interview at least a few. If the house to be sold is an REO (bank-owned) property or if the sale will involve matters of probate, be sure they are experienced in these areas. 

It's always recommended that you visit the house, if possible, so you understand its condition. Whether or not you can, however, you're likely going to have to give the agent a good deal of discretionary power. 

Should the agent contract with local repair companies if needed? Should you agree on a cap for how much can be spent? Be sure to establish a good line of communication. Chances are there may be multiple negotiations between yourself and potential buyers.

What If I Don't Want the Hassle?

Selling a house and buying another in a different state can be overwhelming. If you've taken a new job, you'll want to focus your energy on your new work responsibilities. Family members may need to find new work or acclimate to a new school. 

If the focus is on simply moving forward, selling your house to a cash investor might be a smart move. When you sell your house for cash, you don't have to concern yourself with multiple showings or bicker with the buyer over whether or not the water heater should be replaced. You also will not have to deal long distance with contractors making repairs. 

Above all, you don't have to purchase a vacant house insurance policy while technicians and possible buyers are trooping in and out. An investor looks over the house and makes a cash offer on the house as-is. All you have to do is decide whether or not to accept.

We Buy Houses

At Flash Realty Solutions, we buy houses for cash. We do our research, too, and offer a fair price in a straightforward and transparent matter. We know that selling house and buying another in a different state comes with a lot of challenges. Our goal is to make at least part of the process easier on you. 

While we also handle traditional real estate sales, we understand why some would prefer to skip the hassle. If you're looking for an easier solution for selling your out-of-state home, give us a call today for a no-obligation, free quote.

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