Interior Design Do’s and Don’ts
Interior Design - Do’s and Don’ts - Flash Realty Solutions
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So, you just closed on your home and are about to move in, but you have no idea how to design it to mesh with today’s trends. We’ve curated an interior design- do’s and don’ts list to keep your home up to date. 

DO: Keep A Neutral Palette

While you’re out shopping for home decor and furniture, you may have noticed that neutrals are trendy right now. Everyone is painting their walls with neutral colors and minimal accent colors throughout their homes. Neutral colors can help brighten your space and make your home seem larger than it truly is. In addition, you can add color to your decor and furnishings, allowing a seamless transition throughout all four seasons!

DO: Mix and Match

Adding multiple textures, prints, colors, and finishes can make your home very trendy! When you see things separately at the store, you may think, “there’s no way these would go together,” which can be accurate. However, make sure to avoid decor that may look too matchy. This texture creates “visual weight,” which means it draws attention to itself. And you want your home to have all the proper attention!

DO: Have An Appropriate Rug Size

One of the biggest mistakes people will make when adding a rug to a room is getting a rug that is too small for their space and furniture. Of course, you want to ensure that at least the front two legs of each piece of furniture are placed on the rug, but ideally, you’d like a rug large enough to fit an entire group of furniture. 

DO: Add Plants

You want your home to look lively, so what better way than to add some plant life! Plants can really spruce up your living area and have been proven to enhance your overall mood. NASA has even said adding plants to your home can remove up to 87% of air pollutants! However, if you’re missing that green thumb, adding faux plants to your space is an excellent alternate route. You may not get the health benefits of living plants, but they still enhance the overall aesthetic of your space and create a calming feeling. So whether they are real are faux, plants are the way to go!

DON’T: White-out Your Space

Over the last several years, all-white kitchens have been highly sought after; however, their time may be up. While you may have heard white or lighter colors can make your home feel larger and more open, you don’t want your home to feel stale. Also, while pets or children run around and messes following shortly behind them, white may be very hard to keep clean. Today’s trends are allowing for more variation and warmer colors in kitchens. While you may not want to give up your beautiful white kitchen, consider adding different colors or textures. This can help break up all the white or an accent island color. 

DON’T: Distress Your Furniture

Over the last several years, you may have noticed that many home builders and designers have followed the farmhouse style. However, this trend may have run its course and is coming to an end. Many people wanted the distressed furniture that went so well with the authentic farmhouse feel, but nowadays, we’re opting for sleek, clean and more transitional furnishings instead.

DON’T: Paint Crazy Accent Walls

During the pandemic, we all remember seeing people using their free time creating very vibrant, peculiar accent walls throughout their homes. Well, this is very much out of style these days, and often when you sell your home, your real estate agent may recommend that you paint over all your hard work. So if you have a wall that could use some extra love, maybe try wall art or a minimalistic wall treatment instead.

DON’T: Over-Do It

You know the saying “less is more” well, that applies to your home’s interior design! Don't go overboard with the decor. You don’t need 10 pillows on your sofa or tons of trinkets to make your space look decorated. Instead, you need to invest in a few quality pieces throughout your home, and be sure to take your time! Designing your home all at once can cost a pretty penny, so take it slow, and it will come together over time!

DON’T: Forget To Have Fun!

Designing and decorating your home is supposed to be fun, so don’t sweat the small stuff! In time your house will become a home and don’t forget to enjoy your space in its current state. We change our minds constantly, and trends come and go like the seasons. These are just tips and tricks for current trends regarding the interior design of your new home. So, have fun, and who knows what will be next!

For more interior design do’s and don’ts, contact Flash Realty Solutions today.

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