4 Easy Updates to Sell a House Fast
sell a house fast
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Whether you’re looking to overhaul a distressed property, spruce up your home before selling, or just trying to modernize, here are a few easy and affordable renovations you can complete in a weekend to help sell a house fast!

1. Hardware

Swapping out kitchen and vanity hardware is a great way to add texture and personality to a space - not to mention knobs and pulls also functional! We love to use a simple and modern bar like this Ravinte one that comes in a variety of colors and sizes suitable for every style and project.

Replacing or adding cabinet hardware is a simple chore that requires little more than a power drill. We suggest determining how you want the knobs or pulls to be positioned and creating a simple template from a spare piece of card stock or cardboard. Keep in mind that each side may require a separate template. If you are new to installing hardware, you can use blue tape to pre mark your holes without any chance of damaging the doors.

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2. Door Knobs

Like hardware, updated door knobs can add both form and function to your home. If you are considering updating your door knobs, first think about what areas you'd like to add or even remove a lock from.  The use of rooms changes over time, and areas that needed to be locked with small kids may no longer require such safety measures. Contrarily, as children grow up, a privacy lock may add a bit of independence to their lives.

Knobs vs levers can completely change the style of a home. Consider using levers if you do not need to worry about child proofing as levers are easier to open as we age and great for older parents. Shape makes a difference too. Bars are simple and a bit more modern, whereas a wave can add elegance to a more traditional home. Crystal or statement knobs can be used in bathrooms, offices and pantries to add additional character.

Tally how many passage, privacy and dummy door knobs you need. Be careful not to purchase knobs that require a physical key for interior doors. We suggest purchasing the same style and color from the same brand to create a cohesive look and feel throughout the house.  We tend to use black and nickel as they are timeless and coordinate with most home interiors, but choose knobs that fit your style and home. Some of our favorites can be found below.

3. Fans

Old fans can quickly date a home. If you are looking to update a space, consider swapping out an outdated fan or even installing a fan in place of a light to add a bit more air movement. Keep the size of the room in mind when deciding on the number of fan blades and the overall diameter of the fan. Generally speaking smaller fans should have no more than 4 blades, where as large fans can have upwards of 8.

  • Up to 100 sqft: 18"-42" fan
  • Up to 225 sqft: 42"-52" fan
  • Up to 400 sqft: 52"+ fan
  • Over 400 sqft: Consider using 2 fans

We love to use white or light colored fans in bedrooms to reduce the chance of making a room feel smaller. That said, large or pitched rooms benefit from contrast. Consider matching fans to other hardware and fixtures to create a cohesive look throughout your home. We tend to use a close bulb fan to reduce the surfaces for dirt to collect and for an overall clean look.

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4. Light Bulbs

Never underestimate the power of lighting. Not only does lightning literally brighten a home, it can change the entire mood. Inadequate lighting can make a space feel dark, small and dingy, while an over lite room can feel almost sterile.

If you love a fixture you have but not the light it gives off, swap it out, just be sure to match the wattage. Soft or warm light tends to be a more yellow whereas daylight bulbs tend to be more blue. If you like different light at different times, for example bright light during the day when you are working, and mood lighting at night, consider using dimmers.

Swapping out bulbs can also save you money! Energy saving bulbs last longer than typical incandescent bulbs and smart bulbs give you the ability to turn off lights you accidentally left on, some of our favorites even pair with google home and amazon alexa!

You're ready to Sell A House Fast!

A little can go a long way and in a short period of time!

And as always, if you're in the market to sell, we're here to help! As a full service brokerage we can assist you with listing your home, or if an as is sale is the best option for you, we're ready to make you a fair cash offer!

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