Straight Talk: How to Move Your Parents in With You
move your parents in with you
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Straight Talk: How to Move Your Parents in With You

The Real Deal on How to Move Your Parents in With You

Many children decide they'll take care of mom and dad when and if the time comes. Having to move your parents in with you makes financial and emotional sense. When parents live in your home, they no longer have the same worries nor will you spend hours of the day wondering about them. you avoid the risks that come when a loved one spends time in a nursing home, as well as the extreme costs that such care incur.

Our parents depend on us for help with things that are no longer simple like they were in their younger days. They depend on us for love, care, and companionship and we would never consider giving them anything less. Overcome obstacles when moving a parent into your home using the following information.

Hire a Moving Company

Moving companies ease moving stress when aging parents moving in with you causes concern. They arrive with tools, equipment, and the power necessary to pick up and load heavy items onto a truck and into the new home.

Movers can even pack up your belongings and disassemble furniture. With movers on the job, there is much less concern and more time to focus on other areas of the move.

Hold a Yard Sale

Downsizing is one of the most difficult aspects of having an elderly parent move in with you. Space becomes a concern when they no longer live in their own home. Help your parent(s) sort through every closet, drawer, and cabinet before the move, tossing items that are no longer useful and saving others for donation to a local thrift store or charity organization or even a yard sale. A yard sale can be fun and rakes in a lot of extra cash that comes in handy during a move.

Prepare Space for Your Parents 

Prepare an area of the home for your parents that gives everyone plenty of personal space. This helps everyone maintain sanity when having an elderly parent move in with you. Challenges do arise when living with other people, even when it's your mom and dad. When everyone has plenty of space to be together and to be alone, the situation of having a parent move in with you works better for everyone.

Arrange Elderly Care

Be realistic about the care you can and cannot provide to your parents when aging parents moving in with you becomes a realistic possibility. After you determine the type of care your parents need, arrange home care or other medical services.

Begin by interviewing caregivers that meet your needs. It can take time to find a caregiver that matches your parent's personality, your budget, and your needs, so do not wait to start this process.

Sell the Home

Selling a home can take several weeks or longer, depending on the condition of the property, price, and other factors. Since your parents will no longer need the home, begin prepping it to put on the market, find a real estate agent, and prepare for what's ahead as you sell a home, and begin the process of moving a parent into your home.

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