Five Ways to Save Energy This Summer
save energy this summer by following these 5 tips from Flash Realty Solutions
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Five Ways to Save Energy this Summer

Five Ways to Save Energy This Summer and Every Summer After

Everyone dreams of implementing an effective power consumption strategy at their home. What they don't know is, just like any other savings plan, the secret behind receiving a slim electric bill is hidden in little tactics that add up into a giant saving. If you want to save big on energy this summer, focus on reducing energy usage on every appliance. The overall outcome will be significant.

Here are five smart ways to save money on the electric bill in the summer.

Look into the possibility of upgrading your HVAC system

HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. You most certainly have an appliance for each of these functions. HVAC equipment technology is continuously improving, with subsequent models having higher energy-efficiency and lower power consumption than their predecessors. Installing newer, more energy efficient models of your HVAC equipment is among the smart ways to save energy and thus money. Keep in mind that you don't have to replace everything at once. One unit at a time will still make the difference. Frequent maintenance should also be employed to keep the old and new units running in optimal condition.

Get more energy-efficient replacements for your light bulbs

Did you know that you can easily save up to 80% of your power consumption on lighting just by switching to LED bulbs? That's an indisputable fact. Light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs), compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), and halogen incandescent bulbs might be pricier than traditional bulbs, but they will significantly reduce your monthly electric bill. On top of it, their durability  and longevity are very commendable, and they do not produce unnecessary heat.

Raise your thermostat temperature

Summertime is warm, and it's a perfect excuse to demand a cooler living room from your thermostat. However, if you maintain the same target temperature on the thermostat, it will have to work harder to keep your house cool. Consequently, it will consume more energy.

One of the prudent ways to save money on an electric bill in the summer is to raise your thermostat temperature to 75F. If you can get some comfort with keeping it at 78F, you're looking at an opportunity to save up to 10% on your monthly bill.

Adjust your home for the summer

Your home needs to be friendly for you and your HVAC equipment as well. If something is not right, some of the equipment will be compelled to work more than they should, which leads to more energy consumption. Make sure your doors and windows have functional weather stripping, seal all air leaks and if you can and ensure your home is properly insulated. Also, check that air vents are clear and close all curtains and blinds. These precautions will help you turn your house into an easily controllable climate for optimal equipment performance.

Get active in saving the energy

Be creative, it's summer. Dry your clothes out in the sun. Wash the dishes manually. Get used to taking an occasional cold shower. Spend the day out. Find direct ways to save energy and directly indulge in them. You'll love the experience, and you'll smile about the outcome when you receive your power bill.

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